About Lamar Middle School & Fine Arts Academy Dance Guild

The Lamar Middle School & Fine Arts Academy Dance Guild is the booster club for the dance program at Lamar Middle School Fine Arts Academy. We are a 501 C-3 established by parents to build and grow a community where our dancers feel supported and have the best possible opportunities and resources. We do this through fundraising and donating our time, skills, and talents. What we accomplish collectively benefits all dancers at Lamar Middle School. The Dance Guild is a simple and cost-effective way to support your student's dance education and keep informed of upcoming events and special functions. We look forward to working with you and your student this school year to grow and strengthen our outstanding dance program!

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Join the Lamar Middle School & Fine Arts Academy Dance Guild:  
Minimal Effort, Maximum Impact

Joining the LMS FAA Dance Guild is an easy way for parents and other interested parties to show support for Lamar Middle School dancers. Membership starts at only $25 and many levels of membership include perks such as free VIP tickets to Lamar Middle School dance performances. When you join the Dance Guild, you are invited, but not required to attend and vote at monthly meetings. You are under no further obligation to volunteer your time, but we welcome your input and involvement.  

Last year, the LMS FAA Dance Guild raised funds to pay for guest choreographers, charter buses to a dance convention in Dallas, a new shoe closet in the school dance studio so dancers can borrow shoes for the year, fitness equipment for the dance studio, TDEA teacher fees, photography and other studio enhancements.  Click here to join today!

2019-2020 Executive Board

President - Annie Reeves

Vice President - Annie Reeves

Vice Communications and Fundraising - Mary Stephens McGinnis

Treasurer - Ofie Kodjoe

Secretary - Lauren Lent

Need to contact a member of the guild? Maybe you aren't sure how to get involved, have a skill to share, or have a great idea for a fundraiser. Drop us a message here and the appropriate board member will get back to you.

*Please note: you cannot reach teachers, only board members, when you message us here. 

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